U. Cherokee Tiger Fig Plant (1 gallon)


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This is a interesting unknown Italian heirloom variety found growing between Cherokee reservoir and the smokey mountains in East Tennessee.

the parent tree was only protected for the first couple years roughly 25 years ago and is now towering 20 feet tall without any protection in zone 7A.

reported that the mother tree died back 20 years ago when temps went to -10F for a few days.


Mature tree height-width: 15-15?

Fruit Size: Medium/Large

Annual crop number: 2?

Ripens: Early August

Exterior: Red/green striping

Interior: Red/pink

interior Cavity: Yes

Eye size: large/Medium

Flavor profile: Melon/Berry

Foliage: Primarily single lobed with some slight rounded tri-lobe

Rooting: easy

Cold hardy: Yes

growth habit: very vigorous



Note: possibly part Palmata because of single lobe foliage?






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