6 Great Cold Hardy Vegetables for Your Winter Garden


Beets are frost-tolerant root vegetables. They can grow without cover in regions with mild winters and grow in low or high tunnels in regions with more extreme winters. Plant them later in the fall to allow maturation during the winter. Sugars are stored in the roots allowing for sweet beets at harvest time.

My Favorite: Detroit Dark Red



Spinach thrives in cold weather, growing very well under cover. Crowded spinach plants can stay wet for a while, so it is important to space them to avoid mildew problems. This frost-tolerant leafy green stores its sugars, producing tasty and sweet foliage.

My Favorite: Giant Winter



Broccoli is a frost-resistant cruciferous crop that can grow in temperatures as low as 25°F uncovered. However, long spans of cold temperatures can make the crowns grow prematurely. It is best to grow it in a low tunnel with full sun and moist fertile soil.

My Favorite: Calabrese


Carrots are typically tolerant to temperatures as low as 18°F. For zones 5 and above, carrots can be grown under heavy mulch, low tunnels, or cold frames.

My Favorite: Atomic Red


Kale is a frost-resistant biennial plant. In mild winter climates, plant kale in early fall and harvest even after the first frost. The leaves can still regrow in the springtime. Kale can grow below 28°F, but it’s best to grow in a floating row cover, low tunnels, or high tunnels.

My Favorite: Russian


Bok Choy

Bok choy, also known as pak choi, is a type of Chinese cabbage. This frost-resistant biennial crop becomes very hardy when protected with a floating row cover or low tunnel.

My Favorite: Shanghai Green


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